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ATM, Card and Mobile
Reconciliation Simplified

Bingo Suite by eVision

The Bingo Suite® is a portfolio of reconciliation modules developed by eVision that helps financial institutions better manage the accounting, trading, transactional and reconciliation activities that support their core business while reducing cost and risk.

It incorporates enterprise reconciliation, Nostro reconciliation, confirmation matching, ATM and card reconciliation, payments investigation, exception management software supported by business intelligence and workflow solutions

The Bingo Suite cover financial transaction archiving, filtering, routing, reconciliation, and cash management reporting for multiple channels including:



ATM Bingo is a well integrated data reconciliation platform that performs end-to-end reconciliation of electronic transactions between host, switch, and electronic journal logs.



Card Bingo is a high-end solution that automates the CARD transactions reconciliation process and provides management and investigative tools.



Mobile Bingo is automates the reconciliation of transactions made on mobile platforms and management and investigative tools.

Bingo Clients Include:

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