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Revolutionize your
SWIFT messaging workflows

SWIFT Bingo by eVision

eVision is a software development firm that specializes in SWIFT and non-SWIFT messaging solutions.

Now you can get advanced management of your SWIFT flows for better connection with your customers and partners with SWIFT Bingo.

SWIFT Bingo is a SWIFT messages management tool that helps clients to automatically archive, filter and manage message distribution. With its rich functionality, it greatly facilitates the processing of supported messages. It is intuitive to use and has a high potential for customization, it easily adapts to changing your establishment whatever its size.


Message Archiving

SWIFT Bingo stores and retains your entire message history in real-time ensuring access to every SWIFT or ACH message your company has received or sent.


Message Distribution

SWIFT Bingo distributes all incoming and outgoing messages to the relevant departments automatically removing the manual burden of printing and forwarding the messages.


Message Search

You can rapidly search through millions of archived SWIFT and ACH messages.


Automated Notification

SWIFT Bingo automatically and immediately sends reminders to all bank branches and customers based on incoming and outgoing messages.


Fee Calculation

SWIFT Bingo calculates in and out transfer fees from correspondents, as it allows sending computerized claims messages to correspondents.


Powerful Reporting

SWIFT Bingo provides a wide range of statistical reports to give the business insight into their workflows and operations.

SWIFT Bingo Clients Include:

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