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eVision is here for you all the way from product selection to post go-live support. We offer a wide range of services that are tailor fit to your business and meet your business needs throughout the entire lifetime of your software purchase.

Our services include:
  • Advisory and Selection
  • Implementation and Project Management
  • Upgrades
  • Training
  • Ongoing Support

Advisory and Selection

eVision provides advisory services to help your organization identify and select software solutions that meets your short term and long term business needs. We collaborate with out clients to help them solve complex business problems through automation of their business flows. Our approach helps clients understand their issues and helps to show them where they can become more efficient, more effective and more compliant with best practices.

Implementation and Project Management

The team at eVsion is designed to help you design, install and configure the solutions you need. We’ll manage the project to keep it on time, on budget and in scope. Throughout the project, we’ll keep in close communication and keep you informed of successes, risk and potential issues. Whether it’s a small scale deployment to an enterprise roll-out, our goal is to help you meet your goals.


At eVision we want to ensure that you are taking advantage of the latest and greatest version of your software solutions. Upgrading software can often result in significant benefits to your business. New features often bring with them better ways to use the applications, performance improvements or major functionalities. Our team outline the benefits, put a plan in place, apply the upgrade and then make sure everything is working as expected.


No deployment is complete without a solid training program. We want to help your company increase user adoption so that you can satisfy your customers and increase corporate revenues. eVision recognizes the need train business users, administrators, technical staff and support representatives. Whether it be shadowing, on-the-job, or formal classroom training, we’ll put a program in place that meets your needs. If you have specific goals, we can custom tailor training to your needs.

Ongoing support

With eVision you can rest assured that your issues and questions will be quickly addressed. After your product goes live, you need the technical experts who can help you resolve bugs, provide guidance and make software recommendations. Our service levels align with the criticality of the software to your business. We have 24X7 remote and onsite support meaning that no matter when or where your problems occur, we’re there for you.

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