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Solution Providers

eVision has partnered with some of the best software providers in the industry. Through best of breed solutions, we are making our clients more efficient and effective and in turn they are making their own clients happier.

Our goal is to deliver intelligent solutions that optimize corporate performance, drive efficiency and makes our customers look good in front of their customers.


FircoSoft solutions

FircoSoft solutions helps to  filter transactions  and customers against sanctions, PEPs (Politically Exposed Persons) and FEPs (Financially Exposed Persons) lists to ensure compliance with regulations on terrorist financing and sanctions programs, and meet Know Your Customer requirements.



SwallowTech CaratNOS is designed for the Automated reconciliation of of Nostri and internal accounts. It is able to diminish the overall cost of the reconciliation process, while providing a series of management tools to help your organization in terms of efficiency and productivity.


eVision’s Bingo Suite ®

eVision’s Bingo Suite ® is designed to understand the transaction matching, exceptions and investigations needs of institutions regardless of size, processes, or lines of business. The solutions cover financial transaction archiving, filtering, routing, reconciliation, and dispute management reporting for multiple channels .

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