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Cash Reconciliation

CaratNOS by SwallowTech

SwallowTech is a leading provider of software solutions to the financial services industry. They offer a range of integrated solutions that ensure the highest levels of ‘straight through processing’ (STP) and operational efficiency, whilst minimising risks and costs.


Whatever the volume, CaratNOS optimizes daily transaction matching. It is designed to reduce or cut interest fees and search charges, and is an efficient monitor for internal accounts. The application performs the management of overdrafts by the calculation of interest and charges compensation, and it includes an automatic follow-up inspection mechanism on older outstanding items for follow-up completion. Reconciliation is Statement-to-Ledger or Ledger-to-Ledger, “1- to-1", "1-to-Many” or “Many-to-Many”.

CaratNOS accepts SWIFT message types MT940/950/970/608, AFB120, SIC and SEGA in flat file format. Data is integrated into CaratNOS, and checked against all other pending items to find perfect matches on the basis of balanced amounts, identical or similar references, value dates that are identical or insignificant (for cheques).


Search Capabilities

CaratNOS allows you to search for entries by entering values for any of the different fields, including: ranges of amounts; dates or periods; references in full or just including some characters; users; accounts; status; etc.


Follow up

Some transactions require follow-up, either internally or with your correspondents. CaratNOS streamlines this process and facilitates quicker response times, assuring faster resolution of “problem” cases.


Interest Charges

This module allows you to see immediately what interest charges are liable for a given period. In this way you can better prepare for the charges and in some cases perhaps even limit their effects.



Reports included in CaratNOS provide an efficient way to display and print the results of the reconciliation process.
Several statistics are available including turnover, user actions, accounts, etc. to provide management information. Data selected for reports may also be output to file, for interfacing with other applications.


Internal Accounts Reconciliation

The internal reconciliation is based on matching credits and debits in a single ledger account or a set of ledger accounts.
The system can automatically create internal chasers to pursue pending items if a transaction is not completed due to a missing starting or closing item.

CaratNOS Clients include:

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